Money back when you buy from us

Money back when you buy from us

Get back 5% of everything you as a team or organization buy from us, every year.

What this means is that if someone who belongs to your team buys something from us via our website, that person enters a discount code that we have agreed on (eg team name), at checkout.

The code is registered with us and we can track how much was traded for and we pay back 5% of everything traded for, annually.

Often all different teams may have an individual team fund that may need to be topped up, so why not sell your broken clubs to us, get compensation back and at the same time contribute to a better and cleaner environment?

STEP 1: Add the desired product to the shopping cart.

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STEP 2: Go to the shopping cart.
STEP 3: Go to the checkout counter.
STEP 4: Enter code in the discount code field we agreed on. Example of code: VIK10, AIKJ18, LIF99. Anything basically.
STEP 5: Activate the code by pressing the "apply" button.
STEP 6: The code has been activated and we can now keep track of exactly how much you have shopped for during the year in order to then get back 5% of what was shopped for with us.