About us

About us

Fixwell Hockey was founded in 2020 in a basement in Nyköping by me, Christopher Elmgren. With us comes a love for ice hockey and everything to do with the sport since childhood. The interest in hockey sticks has always been with me, and in the last six to seven years the interest in trying new models, new flex or a new curve has only grown.

In the same vein as the reuse of products gained attention a few years ago, I came up with the idea of ​​reusing used or already used lollipops. Would it be possible to repair a mallet to as close to new condition as possible?

Can you then simultaneously contribute to a cleaner, better and more sustainable environment and also help people who can't or don't want to spend SEK 3,000 on a new stick?

The idea of ​​making hockey sticks grew, and above all the top model professional sticks that are used by all professional hockey teams around Sweden. Who doesn't want the luxury of feeling and being able to play with a professional club?

We have spent almost a year developing a good and durable product, which initially gave mixed results compared to expectations. After many hours of work and various tests, it now feels like we have finally produced a product to stand behind! In the spring of 2021, we have finally decided to open the doors for our business as our repaired clubs have received very good feedback from many different quarters, while the repair is very durable and stable!

Our vision now is to be able to contribute to a better environment by reducing carbon fiber waste that is not degradable, and at the same time to be able to offer you professional clubs at a convenient price!

And the best thing about us? We've only just begun.