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What do you do with your broken hockey stick?
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Close to 4 million hockey sticks are manufactured and approx. 80% are thrown away each year.
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What is the difference between an expensive and a cheap hockey stick?
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Our focus is to reuse hockey equipment that is in mint condition.

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Buying refurbished sticks and minimally used equipment is valuable for both the environment and the wallet.

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Repaired hockey sticks of the highest model are an excellent choice for those who do not want to spend SEK 3,000 on a new stick every time it breaks.

A repair adds about 20-40 grams of weight gain and a possible 3-5 flex difference depending.

Clearly the best performing sticks in its price range.

A vision we have is to take in leftover equipment and minimally used professional equipment from various professional hockey teams.

Our goal with this is to be able to offer you high-quality products at unbeatable prices so that you can feel safe and secure while performing out on the ice.

Our Vision is to be able to collaborate with ice hockey clubs in both Sweden and Europe by collecting broken hockey sticks and having the opportunity to take in used/leftover hockey equipment to work together towards Agenda 2030 for a more sustainable development.