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How we want to contribute to ice hockey through recycling

How we want to contribute to ice hockey through recycling

It is no secret that we at Fixwell want to do our best and contribute to reducing the environmental burden in the world. Our business model is built on reuse and reuse, and the goal is to make ice hockey accessible to everyone .

The fact that we want to make ice hockey available to "everyone" means that hockey is a very expensive sport and unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to either try playing ice hockey or to continue playing due to high costs.

That's where we want to come in and make it a little easier for hockey families to have the possibility of more economical options when it comes to the sport.

In order for the world's best sport we call ice hockey to continue to grow, we must start thinking more about the sustainability aspect and get better at reusing hockey equipment as much as possible. This is where we want to contribute and make it easier for you as a hockey player or hockey parent.

Currently, one of the biggest environmental culprits is broken hockey sticks. They break left and right and can last everything from a training session to a season.

Therefore, we offer both the service of fixing your own broken hockey stick, but also the sale of repaired top model sticks at a fraction of the new price. By extending the life of hockey sticks that break easily, we can together reduce the environmental impact and at the same time make it more economical for your hockey career.

We offer the service of repairing hockey sticks to both private individuals and hockey associations. Of course, we prefer to work directly with associations as larger volumes of hockey sticks are sent at a time and can also thereby reduce, among other things, emissions when it comes to shipping options.

Our Vision at Fixwell is to be able to offer you as a player and hockey parent in the future also used and high-quality options of fresh and minimally used equipment at maximum pressured prices.

We want to make the world's best sport cheaper. For all.

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