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What is the difference between an expensive and a cheap hockey stick?

What is the difference between an expensive and a cheap hockey stick?

If you've never tried a top model club, you might not know what I'm talking about, but then you might as well learn something new!

But you who have tried a top model stick know that there is no turning back to go back to lower and cheaper models of hockey sticks.

But why? Why is the difference so big? Well, I'll tell you that.

Every club manufacturer (CCM, Bauer, Warrior, True being the biggest right now) releases a new model about every year or two. In each "model family", the club is available in different price ranges. Here we have a quick & easy review:

warrior alpha hockey stick fixwell hockey senior intermediate junior

Expensive clubs (top model clubs, professional clubs from SEK 2500 - 4000)

High quality carbon fiber/composite material that is custom made to maximize performance and your feel for the hockey stick. It is a one-piece, i.e. the shaft and the blade are joined together, and is not a two-part club. The blade has a low weight to maximize your feel with the puck and to deliver hard and rap shots.

Experienced players can get a little more out of a top model club, but everyone feels the difference.

All professional ice hockey players use these top model sticks, or so-called pro stock sticks or custom made sticks , and are often custom-made for each individual player. Everyone has a different style and likes different things when it comes to their hockey stick.

ccm ribcor trigger hockey stick fixwell hockey senior intermediate junior

Cheap clubs (most simpler models from SEK 400 - 800)

Cheaper sticks are made with a more mixed compote composite material and at the same time a lower quality of the raw materials. This also makes the club much heavier.

These simpler models are also a two-piece, or a so-called two-part club, which is usually just a normal mid-kick with less feel and a little rap in the shots. The cheap models are, however, a little more durable because more layers of composite and more glue are used in manufacturing.

ccm sticks different colors and models fixwell hockey

Everything in between (800-2000 SEK)

It can vary between 3-5 different models in a "model family" (eg Vapor, Alpha, Trigger, Jetspeed, etc). The performance and feel of the club increases with the price, while the durability and weight decrease.

It is in this category that most people buy their clubs.

They are also usually a so-called two-piece or two-part club which causes a little less rap in the shots and can quickly reduce the "pop" in the shots.

Now, everything you need to know before your choice:

  • You will get more out of a top model club, regardless of your level.

People often blame that they only play once in a while because it's fun or that you're not good enough to play with a more expensive club.

Just because you might consider yourself a bad driver, does everyone still want the opportunity to drive an expensive and luxurious car?

Even if you only play once a week with your pals, there is probably still a drive and a winning spirit in you that competes as if it were the WC.

Then why not give yourself the chance to make the most of it? Better feel, better passes, better shots. Greater chance to grow.

  • You probably won't understand what I'm talking about until you've tried a top model club. You will never be able to go back to a cheaper model after that.
  • Professional players will certainly get a little more out of a top model club, but also more chance of breaking. At the same time, it is important to understand that there is no guarantee how long the club will last, regardless of what level you play at.
  • The difference in the increased performance and feel in each new club released each year is minimal.

  • The top model clubs are usually very similar and only a few feel any difference between the latest model and the previous year's model.

The absolute best sticks are top model composite hockey sticks.

They are so good that we sell refurbished top model clubs for up to 70% of the market price!

For customers who have never tried a top model club before, ours is usually the best club they have ever had.

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