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Stick Review - Warrior Novium

Stick Review - Warrior Novium

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Today, we'll be taking a look at Warrior's brand new Warrior Novium Pro hockey stick.

First, let's start with the stick's appearance. It features a clear coat carbon fiber design with red decals and a holographic Warrior logo that reflects various colors when hit with the right light. The red and black color scheme is a classic and appealing combination.

Moving on to the specs, the Novium Pro weighs in at an incredibly light 360 grams . It also boasts a true mid-kick point, a shaft with rounded corners and straight sidewalls, and a new taper design that we'll discuss later in the review.

Regarding its construction, the stick uses RLC 199 , a process that combines lower weight fibers with thermoplastic epoxy resin to create an extremely lightweight and durable stick.

The shaft incorporates Warrior's all-new Minimus Carbon 25 , a custom 25k carbon spread toe that optimizes strength by reducing deformations in the composite layering.

The mid-kick point allows for maximum energy to be loaded into shots for a powerful release similar to other popular sticks such as Bauer Nexus, CCM JetSpeed, or True Catalyst.

Warrior hockey V-taper bevel

The most unique feature of the Novium Pro is its all-new V-shaped bevel taper , which stiffens up the taper area and allows the stick to load higher in the shaft. This provides increased control and improved velocity on shots.

Finally, the blade features Minimus Carbon 25 on the outside for a lightweight and durable blade, while the inside uses the redesigned FuelCore Ultra , which includes a polymer core that helps reduce the breakdown of materials for better feel and improved shot popping.

In summary, the key features of the Novium Pro include its lightweight and durable design, new mid-kick point, and unique V-shaped bevel taper.

This stick is a great option for players looking for top-of-the-line features and benefits with a powerful mid-kick point.

Warrior hockey stick kick-point

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