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Stick Review - Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro

Stick Review - Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro

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Hey everyone, in this week's stick review we welcome the new Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro hockey stick.

This stick is the flagship model in this year's Rekker lineup, offering all the advanced features you could want. If you're searching for a high-level stick at a fantastic price that delivers a rapid and precise shot release, you definitely need to consider checking out this one. Now, let's dive into the details.

The stick has rounded corners and concave sidewalls on the front, while the back features straight sidewalls for the upper third and through the center. The kick point and bottom third will be discussed a bit later.

The grip features a tacky finish that extends throughout, providing comfort that ends at the top of the Sherwood logo on the backhand, which is about halfway through and is typically where you place your hand.

Beyond that point, the grip transitions into a sleek matte finish without grip, adding visual texture. This design is inspired by the topography of Sherwood's founding location in Canada, adding a unique touch to the stick's heritage.

sherwood recker legend pro hockey stick fixwell hockey 2

Moving on to construction, the key upgrade compared to the previous Legend model is the FeatherLite XT construction. This advanced design improves performance and balance by integrating the shaft into the blade, offering a direct connection between the puck and the player and weighs only 392 grams .

The stick also incorporates PyroFil technology with BlackLine XXV carbon fiber, featuring more layers of this carbon fiber compared to the Legend One. This enhances weight reduction and energy transfer efficiency, resulting in a lighter feel and increased puck speed upon shooting.

In terms of the taper, the stick features an Ergo Taper Shaft with a DuoFire kick point. The lower third of the shaft stands out with a convex shape on both sides, providing distinct characteristics.

The DuoFire kick point offers versatility, delivering a low kick point for quick release shots when the bottom hand is higher on the shaft, and solid shot power when you're looking to put more force into your shot. This design maintains blade face alignment for pinpoint accuracy during shots.

The blade core is the VR92 , featuring the I92 damping system for enhanced feel, control, and durability. The blade's edges are reinforced, ensuring long-lasting performance. This investment in blade technology complements the stick's overall design, focusing on balance and performance. The blade also incorporates the BlackLine 25k carbon weave for lightweight strength.

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In summary, the Sherwood Record Legend Pro hockey stick offers a substantial improvement from its predecessor. Its FeatherLite XT construction, PyroFil technology, and unique taper design result in a stick that's not only comfortable but also offers precise shot accuracy and release.

The VR92 blade core enhances stick handling and durability, making it a worthwhile investment for players seeking high performance. Overall, this stick delivers on both performance and aesthetics, merging traditional elements with modern innovations.

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