How long does it take to get the stick if I order online?

Most times the order will be processed, packaged and shipped the very same day as the order is placed with us. Currently we ship out of Nyköping, Sweden so delivery times may vary depending on where you live. Local customers may get their stick the very next day while others may have to wait the "normal" 2-3  business days. Also note that it may be different delivery times depending on what country you order from. Usually it's 2-5 business days in all of Europe. Please check *this link* on shipping to see how long it takes for the stick to arrive in your country.


What is a refurbished hockey stick?

A refurbished stick is, simply put, a repaired stick. When the stick breaks in the shaft and we repair it, it becomes a refurbished hockey stick. Using an internal repair process we are able to weld the two broken pieces back together. Our innovative and unique way of repairing hockey sticks only add an additional 1-2% extra weight! Please read more about our refurbished sticks and how it's made *here*.


I got my stick and it had a custom name/logo/color on it?

We source our sticks directly from different hockey teams in Sweden. Many of those teams are playing high level professional hockey and have custom specs to their sticks. Some teams even get their sticks with team colors and other special graphics to make it extra special and unique.


How do I read the different stick variants (hand/curve/flex/length)?

We display our sticks quite short but with all the relative information needed. The information contains handedness, curve, flex and length. Our stick variants are displayed as (Hand-Curve-Flex-Length) and an example may look like this:

(Left - P29 - 77 flex - 165 cm). We can break it down to these segments:

Hand - Left

Curve - P29

Flex - 77

Length - 165 cm


Is FixwellHockey.com in USD or EUR?

FixwellHockey.com is currently displayed in EUR as most of our customers are from the European Union, but you can also view as Swedish Krona (SEK). More currency and language selections will be added in the future.


What is your return policy?

Most of the times we are happy to accept back sticks if they are in new and unused condition. All you have to do is pay for the shipment back to us. This may vary depending on the situation or if the item is to be exchanged, then we will cover the cost of returns. If, by chance, you received a wrong stick we will fully cover the cost of the return and send you a prepaid shipping label.


What is your warranty policy?

Our refurbished sticks come with a full 30 day guarantee on the place of the repair.


More questions? Get in touch with us!