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Stick Review - Warrior Covert QR5 Pro

Stick Review - Warrior Covert QR5 Pro

Fixwell Hockey warrior covert QR5 Pro hockey stick from warrior hockey


Warrior Covert QR5 Pro hockey stick, which is Warrior's flagship model.

This stick is the lightest in the entire Warrior Covert line and comes with a low kick point that's ideal for snipers who want to get the puck off their blade and into the net as quickly as possible.

The shaft has round corners, straight sidewalls, and a tacky grip texture that's comfortable to hold. However, what I really like about this stick is the raised texture throughout, which gives you extra feedback so that you know the position of your bottom hand at all times.

In terms of construction, the stick features RLC 188 and Minimus unidirectional carbon fiber, which means that the engineers at Warrior Hockey took a lot of time and effort to layer the carbon fiber to give you the best performing low kick stick.

warrior covert qr5 pro stick hollow inside_from warrior hockey

The Minimus carbon fiber is a high-end material, but with Warrior Hockey's engineering, the stick weighs just 380 grams in the 85 flex.

The stick has a great balance point, and the directional carbon fiber looks visually appealing, especially when it shines through the graphics.

The kick point on this stick is one of the best in the game, thanks to the Edge Taper and angular design on the forehand and backhand. It gives you a quick shot release, and the torsional rigidity prevents the blade from opening up, which could affect accuracy.

warrior covert qr5 pro blade_from warrior hockey

The blade has also been upgraded with Minimus 25k carbon fiber, one of the most advanced materials in the game. The FuelCore Ultra blade core uses the most high-end foam for a direct feel of the puck. The stiff profile of the blade helps with feedback, and it's great for snapshots in tight areas.

The stick has a weight of 380 grams, but it feels lighter due to the great balance point, FuelCore Ultra blade, and 25k carbon fiber. The stick has a traditional sidewall, which I prefer, and the overall look is phenomenal.

The Covert line graphics add a cool touch of chrome and orange. You can also see the carbon fiber shining through, which gives the stick a glossy texture and a matte finish in the taper is also well done.

warrior covert qr5 pro specs_from warrior hockey
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