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Stick Review - Bauer AG5NT

Stick Review - Bauer AG5NT

Bauer AG5NT image - Fixwell Hockey

So, Bauer's new AG5NT stick...

Although many of the stick's technologies are top secret, we do know that boron is the big addition this year.

Weighing in at just 335 grams for a senior 85 flex, this stick is incredibly light and a game changer. Boron is the reason for this weight reduction and it also contributes to faster shot recoil. What's great is that despite its lightness, the stick still provides excellent blade feel and puck control.

Bauer AG5NT boron Fixwell Hockey

Moving on to the specifics, the Boron material used in the stick offers optimal stiffness and compression strength, making it superior to previous Bauer sticks.

The XC taper has also been modified to improve shot release and provide torsional rigidity for accurate shots. While the blade feel may not be quite as good as previous models, it is still better than other super-light sticks on the market.

One of the standout features of the stick is the glitch graphics on the top, which give it a modern and advanced feel.

Additionally, the carbon fiber weave and matte finish provide a unique texture that looks and feels great. The stick is also grippy throughout, except for the bottom portion where it transitions into a flat matte finish.

The Bauer agent stick is a game changer with its weight reduction, fast shot recoil, improved feel and control.

What are your thoughts on this stick?

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